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Ain’t This Cafe Cute at Jonker Street, Malacca ๐Ÿ˜. #QuerkyDiscovery

As Malaysian, everyone of us probably visit Melaka state at least once a year right? But how often do you discover such interesting and unique cafes for you to experience along with your favourite choice of coffee.

#WeTheQuerks was walking along the street and came across to a cafe that caught our eyes called The Stolen Cup,ย and hey why not grab a cup of iced coffee to cool ourself from the hot weather.


The first thing that attract us is this cute little sitting by the wall. As you can see the walls are full of interesting decoration with some vintage vibes going on. Not to forget how they utilise the usage of woods as part of their interior design which really warm and calming for our eyes to see.


To give their menu a taste, we ordered a Ice Americano (RM 10) and a strawberry margarita (RM 12) and boy we did not regret it. Probably one of the best way to end our day with. While having our drinks, other than having a good companion and conversation we bought some card games to play with ๐Ÿ˜†ย and you can do the same too if you ever decided to visit them and chill.


There are many other cafes that you can explore along the street but so far The Stolen Cup is one of our favourite โค๏ธย and would definitely visit again if ever get a chance to.

Querk Tips.


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